October 24 #LINCchat Summary: Task-based Language Teaching and Skills Development



One of the “tasks” of participating in a #LINCchat is following the conversations that participants have on a #CdnELT topic and joining in when you feel comfortable. As it turned out, this might have been more difficult than usual as the topic of the chat, Task-based Language Teaching or TBLT, inspired fast-paced discussions about its challenges and benefits as well as the generous sharing of ideas and resources.  

Thank-you to moderators, Augusta Avram (@LINCInstructor filling in for @StanzaSL), and Bonnie Jean Nicholas (@EALstories filling in for @nathanghall) for facilitating the discussion and keeping us on track.  

Thank-you also to the passionate educators who shared their perspectives during the last #LINCchat on Oct. 24th: @thespreadingoak, @DawnTorvik, @JoyOfESL, @YuliyaESL, @gabyG_jolie, @vislief, @KraseNetzel, @CameronJMoser, @Corrie0330, @ElleninSaigon, ‏ @danalbergman, @linguaLINC, and @ambartosik. It was great to see new and seasoned #LINCchatters take part in the discussion. If this only whet your appetite for more, follow @TBLT_chat on Twitter. 

Please find a summary of this chat below. To read it, hover over the Twitter bird next to the subtopics in the image below. The interactive image was made with Canva and ThingLink 

To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion HERE.      

New to #LINCchat?   

If you have never participated in #LINCchat before, go to www.lincchat.ca for more information. #LINCchats occur every other Tuesday, with the occasional Friday.  If you have any ideas for topics or have comments about #LINCchat, please send @StanzaSL or @EALstories a tweet or post a message on Tutela. Our next #LINCchat will be on Tuesday, November 14th at 6-7 p.m. PST or 9-10 p.m. EST. Please let others know about #LINCchat. Feel free to use the #LINCchat hashtag between chats to share thoughts and links with others.   

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Jennifer has been teaching in the LINC Program for more than 10 years. She loves using Twitter to stay connected as a mother, an educator and an active citizen. 

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