“An Indigenous Strategy in the ESL Classroom” – A BC TEAL Webinars session with Amy Abe


June 21 is National Aboriginal Day in Canada. To explore and extend this theme, what are ESL instructors doing to respond to Truth and Reconciliation in the language training classroom? Come share in our journey of how we are exploring ways of including Indigenous ways of knowing in TESL practices, including changes to curriculum, content, teaching, and connecting with the local Indigenous community. This was a very well received session at our recent conference, and we were very pleased to have Amy come back for our BC TEAL webinars series.

Throughout the evening, some resources were shared by Amy as well as some of the participants:

“An Army of Problem Solvers” – this book was mentioned by Amy towards the end of her session.

“First Peoples: Principles of Learning” – this is a poster shared by Karen Rauser.

“Gradual release of responsibility” – shared by Scott Douglas.

City of Vancouver “The Dialogues Project” – shared by Brenda Lohrenz.

Province of British Columbia “Aboriginal Education in British Columbia” – shared by Karen Rauser.

“First Peoples: Learning Materials for Newcomers” – Tutela collection shared by Nathan Hall.