#CdnELTchat Summary for December 3 2019 (Talking about Holidays in #ELT)


#CdnELTchat Summary for December 3, 2019
Talking about Holidays in #ELT
Jennifer Chow

December is a busy time of year, so we were grateful for the educators who made time to join us for the last chat of 2019 to talk about Holidays in ELT. Here are some of the main points that were discussed:

  • Sharing holidays gives students a chance to make connections and highlight commonalities 
  • Students can research/present holidays, which is good opportunity to teach students about reliable sources and cultural sensitivity
  • Students can interview each other
  • We need to be aware of voices and stories that are presented when we teach about holidays
  • Teaching about holidays is topical and connected to current events
  • Teaching about holidays provides opportunities to talk about appropriate social interactions, advertising literacy, responsible consumerism, noticing language forms
  • Instead of teaching cultural expectations, we can create a safe space for discussions about possible cultural expectations from certain groups

The five questions below were discussed during the chat. If you’re on Twitter, you can find the conversation by following the hashtag #CdnELTchat, but you can read a collection of the tweets on Wakelet: December 3 #CdnELTchat on Holidays in ELT. We encourage you to continue the conversation on Twitter using #CdnELTchat

Q1: Do you teach about/celebrate holidays in your classroom? How do you decide which ones to teach/celebrate? Do you teach about Diwali if you have no Hindu students, or Ramadan/Eid if you have no Muslim students? Or is looking at all holidays part of interculturality? #CdnELTchat

Q2: Holidays are often talked about in LINC classes, as learning about Canadian holidays is part of settlement. How do teachers in general EAL/ESL/EAP classes handle holidays? #CdnELTchat

Q3: How can we teach about and around holidays in a culturally-responsive way without giving a disproportionate amount of class time to this topic? #CdnELTchat

Q4: What learning opportunities can we bring to our teaching about holidays? For example, following instructions for recipes, sharing cultural traditions, critical thinking skills around consumerism, etc. #CdnELTchat

Q5: With the recent controversy over Remembrance Day, how much responsibility do we have to teach students about Canadian cultural expectations? And is wearing a poppy an expectation or a choice? What about saying “merry Christmas”? #CdnELTchat 

The #CdnELTchat team is always looking for people who would be interested in facilitating one of our bi-monthly chats.  Please let a member of the team know if you are interested in co-moderating a live chat, or in collecting and writing the summaries which are posted on the BC TEAL and TESL Ontario blogs, and shared with TESL NS. Other provincial #ELT associations are also welcome to share. If you would like to volunteer, or have ideas for chats, contact any of us: Jennifer @jennifermchow, Augusta @ELTAugusta, Svetlana @StanzaSL, or Bonnie @EALStories.  Post ideas anytime on our Padlet, https://padlet.com/BonnieJean/CdnELTchat. See you in 2020! 

Jen Bio PicJennifer is passionate about learning how technology can empower her students. After experiencing how technology enabled her to stay connected as an educator, a parent and an active citizen, she is motivated to find the same opportunities for her students. Twitter: @jennifermchow


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