September 25 #CdnELTchat: New Ideas for a New Term


Thank-you to everyone who joined moderators, Svetlana Lupasco (@StanzaSL) and Bonnie Jean Nicholas (@EALStories) for the first #CdnELTchat of the fall term.

Thank-you so much to our moderators and the enthusiastic participants who chatted about the following questions and more:

Q1: How do you prepare for a new term? How much planning do you do (or can you do) before the term starts?

Q2: What would your ideal classroom look/ feel/ like?

Q3. What’s on the top of your reading list for this fall?

Q4: KISS is a framework for thinking about teaching: Keep (What will you keep doing?) Improve (What can you improve?) Start (What are you going to start doing?) Stop (What will you stop doing?)

Q5: What is something that you did in your first year of teaching that you still do every term? 

Q6: What is one thing you are going to do this term to take care of yourself?

To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion HERE.  

New to #CdnELTchat?

If you have never participated in #CdnELTchat before, go to for more information. #CdnELTchat is self-directed PD, so you determine the level of your involvement. #CdnELTchats usually occur every other Tuesday, with occasional exceptions. Feel free to use the #CdnELTchat hashtag between chats to share thoughts and links with others. If you have any have comments about #CdnELTchat , please send @StanzaSL or @EALStories. Please join us for the next #CdnELTchat in October. Add your ideas HERE.

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Jennifer is passionate about learning how technology can empower her students. After experiencing how technology enabled her to stay connected as an educator, a parent and an active citizen, she is motivated to find the same opportunities for her students.  

Twitter: @jennifermchow