June 12 #CdnELTChat Summary: Indigenous Education in #ELT



On June 12th, we were very fortunate to have Sharon Jarvis (@romans1v17 ) join #CdnELTchat as a special guest moderator to discuss Indigenous Education in #ELT.  Thank-you so much to Sharon and the many participants who chatted about the following questions and more:

Q1: Why is awareness of Canada’s Indigenous peoples important for those learning to speak English in Canada? 

Q2: What does it mean to add an Indigenous perspective to our classes? 

Q3. June is Indigenous book month. What books by Indigenous authors have you read? What books by Indigenous authors have you used with your students? 

Q4: What are some resources that we can use as teachers to educate ourselves in our own path to reconciliation? 

Q5: How can Indigenous issues and perspectives be taught by non-indigenous people who don’t have the lived experience of indigenous people? 

Q6: How can we introduce, honour, and follow the recommendations of the TRC in our language classes? #CdnELTchat

Q7: What is one action you will take as a result of your participation in this chat?

To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion HERE.  

We have also collated the invaluable resources that were shared during the chat in a Google Doc below. This is meant to be an OER (Open Educational Resource), so please click HERE to contribute.

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