May 15 #CdnELTChat Summary: Learning Language Through Reading Fiction


Nathan Hall (@nathanghall) tweeted that when he and Svetlana Lupasco (@StanzaSL) started #LINCchat in 2015, their goal was “to help connect and support LINC instructors from across Canada.” They did that and more. Over the years, #LINCchat has connected English Language instructors across Canada and beyond, so it was time to be more inclusive. 

On May 15th, #LINCchat became #CdnELTchat so that we could include everyone in the #CdnELT landscape. Thank-you to all those who participated in our first #CdnELTChat  about “Language learning through Reading Fiction”: @seburnt, @robshpprd, @AliceSKim, @Fain75, and @capontedehannaModerators, @EALStories and @jennifermchow kept the conversation moving.

Please find a summary of this chat below. To read it, hover over the Twitter bird under the questions in the image below. The interactive image was made with Canva and ThingLink, using images from Open Clipart.

To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion HERE.  

New to #CdnELTchat?

If you have never participated in #CdnELTchat before, go to for more information. #CdnELTchat is self-directed PD, so you determine the level of your involvement. #CdnELTchats usually occur every other Tuesday, with occasional exceptions. If you have any ideas for topics or have comments about #CdnELTchat, please send @StanzaSL or @EALstories a tweet. Feel free to use the #CdnELTchat hashtag between chats to share thoughts and links with others.


Jen Bio Pic

Jennifer is passionate about learning how technology can empower her students. After experiencing how technology enabled her to stay connected as an educator, a parent and an active citizen, she is motivated to find the same opportunities for her students.  

Twitter: @jennifermchow

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