January 23 #LINCchat Summary: Finding and Using Images, Audio & Video in Language Learning



The first #LINCchat of 2018 started a bit slower than usual, but the conversation picked up as old and new #LINCchat-ers joined the conversation to discuss their favourite language learning activities using multimedia, the criteria they use to select media, how images can be used to encourage critical thinking, where to find multimedia, and professional development for visual and media literacy.   

Thank-you to the educators who shared their thoughts during this #LINCchat and those who added their thoughts after the chat: @vislief, @EmilyHardy22, @JoyOfESL, @jennifermchow, @JenArtan, @shahghasy, @mrpottz, @ambartosik, @DawnTorvik, @seburnt, @capontedehann, and @thespreadingoak. 

Thank-you also to moderators, Svetlana Lupasco (@StanzaSL) and Bonnie Jean Nicholas (@EALstories) for facilitating the discussion and keeping us on track.  

Please find a summary of this chat below. To read it, hover over the Twitter bird next to the subtopics in the image below. The interactive image was made with Canva and ThingLink 

To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion HERE.      

New to #LINCchat?   

If you have never participated in #LINCchat before, go to www.lincchat.ca for more information. #LINCchats occur every other Tuesday, with the occasional Friday.  If you have any ideas for topics or have comments about #LINCchat, please send @StanzaSL or @EALstories a tweet or post a message on Tutela. Please join us for our next #LINCchat on Tuesday, February 6th at 6-7 p.m. PST or 9-10 p.m. EST to share your ideas on self-care. Please let others know about #LINCchat. Feel free to use the #LINCchat hashtag between chats to share thoughts and links with others.   

Jen Bio Pic

Jennifer has been teaching in the LINC Program for more than 10 years. She loves using Twitter to stay connected as a mother, an educator and an active citizen. 

Twitter: @jennifermchow


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