June 27th #LINCchat Summary: Digital Citizenship



In the last #LINCchat before summer break, co-moderators, @StanzaSL and @EALStories (stepping in for @nathanghall) facilitated a discussion on “Digital Citizenship”. Thank-you @JoyOfESL (Kelly) @JenArtan (Jen), @gabyG_jolie (Gaby), @DawnTorvik (Dawn), @claireshegoes (Claire), @ShawnaWiKo (Shawna), @cintiabcosta (Cintia), @AidaAganagic (Aida) and @milka_stupar (Milka) for joining us for an hour of PD.

To read the summary, hover over the Twitter bird next to the subtopics in the image below. The interactive image was made with Canva and ThingLink.


To read all the tweets on this topic, follow the complete discussion here.

#LINCchat  will take a break in July and August. Look for its return in September. Feel free to use the #LINCchat hashtag during the summer to share thoughts and links with others. Have a great summer and see you in September!

Jen Bio Pic Jennifer has been teaching in the LINC Program for more than 10 years. She loves using Twitter to stay connected as a mother, an educator and an active citizen. 
Twitter: @jennifermchow


2 thoughts on “June 27th #LINCchat Summary: Digital Citizenship

  1. Volunteer - various sites

    I found this discussion very interesting. I just taught a lesson on digital citizenship last week and was able to take my own advice and teach responsible use of technology.


  2. Eli


    I’m Eli.
    I found this community in my search for resources to initiate a project where my learners have the opportunity to reach their learning goals. I find it very interesting and it’s awesome that professionals engage in these practices where LINC learners are benefited.

    I wonder if I can get some sort of advice here. I want to create an online alternative for learners who have issues to attend their face to face sessions, especially in Winter when they have t come with their children in the evening from 5 to 8 pm.
    I would like to create a training course to get them familiar with Moodle but also where they are aware on how their self-regulation skills are important to succeed. I wonder if you can share with me tips you rely on to involve learners who have low level of education and basic or poor computer skills. How do you address self-regulation skills in your practice?
    Any advice for my project is more than welcome. and appreciated.


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