Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2017 BC TEAL Annual Conference



Are you looking for an excuse to attend this year’s conference (and carnival!) May 4-6, 2017? We have ten.

  1. Amazing Keynotes from Penny Ur, Andy Curtis and Jill Hadfield.
  2. 50th Anniversary Carnival. Tickets are only $10.
  3. An amazing array of presenters from BC and beyond.
  4. The inspiring, creative and fun Pecha Kucha presentations.
  5. The celebration dinner catered by Tayybeh, a group of Syrian refugees who have started a catering company. Tickets are $50 and can be added to conference registration. Space is limited. unnamed
  6. Networking with the largest gathering of BC EAL professionals in the province.
  7. The latest textbooks, resources and more at the Exhibitor Showcase.
  8. Thursday’s 3-hour Pre-Conference sessions give you an opportunity to delve deeply into key questions.
  9. 2nd Annual Ed Tech Jam featuring accessible and meaningful ways to incorporate tech in your teaching.
  10. Inspiration, information, connection.

Now go and register. The early bird deadline is April 8th!


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