EAL Act!on – Refugee Rights Day 2017



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BC TEAL invites you to join our campaign! Tuesday April 4, 2017 has been identified as Refugee Rights Day by the Canadian Council for Refugees and Amnesty International Canada. BC TEAL is pleased to offer an EAL Act!on campaign that starts with you and your learners!

We invite all EAL classrooms (large and small, formal and informal, Public Education, Continuing Education, Post-Secondary Institutions, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and International Language Schools) to incorporate our (multi-level) lesson activities on April 4, with the goal of promoting diversity, community, and inclusion for Refugee Rights Day in Canada.

BC TEAL will be hosting opportunities for discussion and reflection that include:

  • An online national webinar at noon hour (12-1 pm, Pacific Daylight Time) with our EAL colleagues nationally joined by Amnesty International Canada and the Canadian Council for Refugees;

Note: Due to a technical problem, a short section at the start of the video was not saved. Also, the video was edited to remove some small sections in the middle.


Tackling the global refugee crisis

Refugee Rights Day 2017 – Key Issues and Resources

Refugee Rights Day – Take Act!on

  • An evening webinar (7-8 pm, Pacific Daylight Time) with Taslim Damji, Intercultural Specialist from MOSAIC Works;



  • Opportunities to connect and reflect on the day through social media.

Please join the Tutela Group BC TEAL Webinars. We are looking forward to celebrating diversity, community, and inclusion in EAL classrooms with you!

Post your April 4th classroom experiences – we encourage you to submit comments, pictures, sensory poems, value statements or comments related to our Refugee Rights Day Lesson Activities. This could be through the use of the #EALaction hashtag on Twitter or Facebook, or simply in the comment section below.

Note that BC TEAL reserves the right to reproduce submissions received through our EAL Act!on Campaign.


3 thoughts on “EAL Act!on – Refugee Rights Day 2017

    • It’s been great hearing many of you talk about the lessons and the webinars. I hope that doing activities from the package and participating in the webinars was a rich experience for you and your groups. If you have reflections and comments about how the students interacted with the materials, we’d love to hear about them in the blog space!


  1. Debra Dahlberg

    The “Walk across the room” activity that forms different shared experiences- that was so much fun. The students really enjoyed it. They started forming different groups, but it really pulled the group together and in the end everyone felt connected to everyone else in the room in some way. At some point everyone shared a group with everyone else. Everyone had at least one thing in common. In the end everyone had a smile on their face and were charmed by the experience. It gave them a better sense of what diversity is and how we can be included because we do have many things in common. It opened the door to other possibilities to meeting new people and other Canadians. That we can see beyond what is on the outside.


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